Friday, July 02, 2010

Change is the only constant.

If there was one rule that I could say I have followed in my life, then that would be to embrace change, or rather seek and at times bring change in my life, forcibly if so required.

I have, throughout my short life, been changing different aspects of my life every few years. Most of the times it is out of sheer boredom and sometimes due to my sheer disgust of status quo.

I am putting my thoughts on screen today because once again I am standing over an abyss looking down into what seems to be a bottomless pit. I can see a few hills far off into the distance but as of now I can't figure out the way to reach them. I don't even know which hill I want to step on to next, or even if I want to step on to any of the hills that I are in my sight.

Faced with such a prospect, it is hard to not feel a sense of vertigo.

I will be making some drastic and unexpected changes in the next couple of weeks, preparations for which have already been started. Let's see what I finally decide to do...

I will keep you posted..


Vee... said...

on the other end, i'm afraid of change. not that i don't want change, but i'm afraid of the repercussions it brings in the otherwise calm and settled life. if its inevitable i would go for it, but unlike you i do not embrace it. may be because, i'm that risk averter kinds.

read some of your posts, i like the way you express your ideas. keep writing.

Subir said...

That's a natural response to change for most people. Most of us, by nature do not like the risk of losing out on the calm (or a change in routine). I really don't know how I got to be like this. The only reason I can think of for this is that I get bored of things too soon. That is what has led me to change things around me most of the time. What can I say, I am weird lol (another things about myself that I wholeheartedly embrace) :p