Saturday, August 26, 2006

Thank you all

Dear Friends (and Foes too),

I thank you very much for the time that you gave to my blog - going through such a loooooong post and especially the comments. Its great to know that it stirred the emotions of so many people. I would like to tell you that I appreciate both positive and negative comments equally so keep them coming. But please, try to use correct English... some of you know how much incorrect language usage pisses me off. (Hint: I just love the Queen's English).

Anyway, I got bored with that post so I am off to work on a new post. Lets see how much time it takes to create it considering what a busy bee I am these days (sic!).

I would love to know all the people who posted the anonymous comments. I know Kylie, but dear Mr./Ms. Anonymous, please identify yourself, and the same goes for Crusader Girl, please get in touch with me. You may e-mail me at Do remember to get back to me when I put up my next post. If you leave me your e-mail address, I would be more than happy to let you know when i put up my next post.

Thanks a lot one and all. Ciao.



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